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In the year 2010, the Holy Empire of Britannia is establishing itself as a dominant military nation, starting with the conquest of Japan. Renamed to Area 11 after its swift defeat, Japan has seen significant resistance against these tyrants in an attempt to regain independence.Steins Gate Anime Download Dual Audio

Skeleton Knight in Another World Anime Download 1080P Dual Audio

Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian student, unfortunately finds himself caught in a crossfire between the Britannian and the Area 11 rebel armed forces. He is able to escape, however, thanks to the timely appearance of a mysterious girl named C.C.,

who bestows upon him Geass, the “Power of Kings.” Realizing the vast potential of his newfound “power of absolute obedience,” Lelouch embarks upon a perilous journey as the masked vigilante known as Zero, leading a merciless onslaught against Britannia in order to get revenge once and for all.

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The narrator of the story is Okabe Rintarou, sometimes Hououin Kyouma, the self-proclaimed Psychotic Mad Scientist who will bring chaos unto the world. He’s 18, 4 months off of having graduated from university (yes, that’s kinda early),

and is (against) self-proclaimed LabMember01 and head of Future Gadgets, a club he set up to do research and development. Voiced by Miyano Mamoru (Death Note, DRRR, Gundam00, StarDriver, etc.) in what I feel is his finest performance, Okabe is slightly… quirky. Download Steins Gate Anime English Dub

What you immediately realize is that this guy is cuckoo. He speaks in this haughty voice, has an OBNOXIOUS laugh that would make Kefka blush in shame, and when he gets flustered or excited pulls out his cell phone and speaks into it,

as if talking to an accomplice (of course, the cell phone isn’t actually connected to anyone). He also ends his calls with El Psi Congloo. At the start of the story,

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he’s on his way to a time-machine scientific conference held by Dr. Nakabachi, fairly reknown around the world, with the intent of crashing the party. But when he goes onto the rooftop of the building (after evading security) he happens upon a SATELLITE just propped up there, and it’s sealed off.

When he descends, he runs into Makise Kurisu, whom he recognizes as the 17-year old girl genius who published a Thesis in Science, and after making a mockery of Dr. Nakabachi at the conference, takes a bit of a stroll, and happens upon the bloodied corpse of a stabbed Makise Kurisu. Flustered, panicked,

he runs out of the building with friend Shiina Mayuri in tow, fumbling on his cellphone texting his colleague “Daru,” typing, “Makise Kurisu was stabbed! What the fuck do I do!?”

His head feels like it’s screaming, and after a moment of pain, he looks up. Where he was once in the middle of a busy, bustling crosswalk, he now stands only with Mayuri. The entire central block of Akiba is devoid of people. There is also now a satellite embedded in where Dr. Nakabachi’s conference should have been.


  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: (Seasons 1-2 + Movie + OVAs)
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Aired: Apr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011
  • Premiered: Spring 2011
  • Broadcast: Wednesdays at 02:05 (JST)
  • Producers: Frontier Works, Media Factory, Movic, AT-X, Kadokawa Pictures Japan, Nitroplus
  • Licensors: Funimation
  • Studios: White Fox
  • Source: Visual novel
  • Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi
  • Duration: 24 min. per ep.
  • Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

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